Natural oases offer a wealth of benefits for the body and mind. Direct contact with nature has a calming effect on the mind, reducing stress. It also strengthens the immune system and promotes physical health by encouraging us to move and be active. Nature also grants us the opportunity to ground ourselves and appreciate the beauty and diversity of the world around us.

Discover the incomparable beauty of Croatia at our camp peninsula nestled between two picturesque rivers. Immerse yourself in an adventure that ignites your senses – experience the thrill of waterfall rafting, learn survival techniques firsthand, and live in harmony with nature. Enjoy the feeling of freedom as you learn to navigate nature in a stunning environment. Experience Croatia in a way that uplifts your soul and creates memories for a lifetime.

I am Julian, (canyoning/rafting guide, field guide, and ranger) and I look forward to meeting you!

Brief Overview

  • Starting Point: Ogulin in Croatia, approximately 5 hours' drive from the German border near Salzburg
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Dates: August 26th to 30th, 2024
  • Difficulty: Easy rafting and trekking
  • Minimum Age: 16 years
  • Number of Participants: Minimum 5 / Maximum 15
  • Prerequisites: No prior experience required
  • Requirements: Moderate fitness level (regular sporadic exercise) for the activities and swimming skills

Camp Description

Ailinco stands for adventure, nature immersion, and a conscious dive into the primal force of nature. Together, we will set up camp, cook for ourselves, and sleep in tents or under the open sky. Daily, we will have experiences in the wild nature. We will navigate the adjacent river in rafting boats, bathe in waterfalls, and explore the surrounding forests. We will learn how to live in and with the nature that surrounds us.

Each day, we'll learn things that will aid us in nature, such as making fire, orientation, crossing obstacles. However, we'll also spend enough time enjoying and experiencing the beautiful nature around us up close. Jumping into the river in the morning, splashing in waterfalls, and enjoying the quiet of the night. The aim is to return with an open heart, powerful alignment, and a backpack full of new experiences.

The camp's schedule will look like this:

Camp setup + Daily completion of shared tasks + Starting the day together with morning rituals (fire bathing, morning exercise) + Daily nature experiences and new skills + Nightly nature experiences await us as well ;) + Camp dismantling + Between all fixed activities, there will be time for you to shape your own experience.

The camp is intended for women and men of all ages who:

  • Seek an adventure in nature.
  • Want to escape the high pace of everyday life to connect with themselves in the wilderness.
  • Wish to reflect on their personal story and give themselves new direction.
  • A basic level of personal fitness is required due to planned rafting and nature experiences. Any medical or psychological preconditions or limitations must be communicated to us in advance!

What's Included in the Package?

  • Accommodation costs
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • 1 certified whitewater guide
  • Accompaniment by a certified wilderness guide
  • All equipment for rafting such as boats, neoprene, life jackets, helmets, and waterproof bags Photos

What's Not Included in the Package?

  • Transportation to and from the location
  • Travel, health, and rescue insurance - available through Ergo Direkt for 9 euros per year; due to reimbursement of evacuation rescue costs, each participant must privately acquire this insurance unless an equivalent insurance can be shown.
  • Personal travel equipment like regular clothing, hygiene items, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and tent - I can provide some items upon request.


500 Euros Come join the Kehrwasser Camp! Get in touch with me (via email, call, or WhatsApp) to get more information or to book the camp; you'll receive the booking documents afterward:

Looking forward to meeting you! Julian