Short overview

  • Starting point: Neuquen Airport - From Europe you can fly to the city of Neuquen via Buenos Aires.
  • Duration: 12 days, of which at least 6 days on the aluminé
  • Date: November 4rd to 15th, 2024
  • Difficulty: White water level 4 - After the first two days of action, it becomes much quieter
  • minimum age: 18 years
  • Number of participants: At least 3 / maximum 6
  • **Previous knowledge: ** To take part in the trip you have to take a white water course beforehand. This will take place in Austria in summer 2024. The appointment is coordinated with the participants.
  • Requirements: Physical fitness and good swimming skills

Tour description

Lago Aluminé is located in northern Patagonia, deep in the Argentine backcountry. This lake forms the origin of Argentina's most beautiful river - the Rio Aluminé! In the beautiful landscape around the small town of Villa Pehuenia we will acclimatize ourselves. Lakes, mountains and a volcan are waiting for us in a beautiful landscape. A volcan tour is possible, depending on the interest of the group. After two to three days we will launch the rafts and go on an unforgettable and adventurous river tour for at least 6 days. These days we will only leave the river for smaller shore excursions. After about two days we will pass the only major settlement on our way, the small town of Aluminé, which is also our only shopping possibility. From there we will continue our journey into the the Argentine desert. While we will be spending a lot of time on the water during the day, we spend the nights on this tour in tents or hammocks right on the river bank. We have our food with us all the time and prepare it together in the evening around the campfire. Finally we arrive at Junin de los Andes and from there we will leave for San Martin de los Andes, a beautiful little town at a picturesque lake on the edge of the Andes, to end the journey there.

What is included?

  • Transport from Neuquen and back there
  • Accommodation costs
  • 2 certified white water guides (in the upper section), one in the lower section
  • One day of whitewater preparation training in the Alps
  • All equipment such as rafts, neoprene, life jackets, helmets and waterproof sbags
  • At least 6 days on the river
  • Videos and photos of the tour

What is not included?

  • Flight
  • Catering - We will coordinate the catering with the participants and share the costs on site. With 15 euros per person and day, you can get along well in Argentina with our way of traveling. However, this depends on the requirements of the participants, which is why we do not offer all-inclusive catering.
  • Travel, health and rescue insurance - due to the reimbursement of rescue costs in the event of an evacuation, an apropriate insurance must be taken out privately by each participant.
  • Personal travel equipment such as normal clothing, hygiene, sleeping bag, sleeping mat and tent - I can provide tents on request. We swear on hammock and tarp.


  • 1,490 euros
  • 100 euros preparatory training
  • Additional costs that you will face: approx. 900 euros for flights and 400 euros for meals

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