Wild Nature of Croatia

Discover the incomparable beauty of Croatia on our camp peninsula nestled between two majestic rivers. Immerse yourself in an adventure that stimulates your senses – experience the thrill of rafting, learn survival techniques firsthand, and live in harmony with nature. Individually planned nature experience camps for closed groups of 5 or more people are possible.

Survival Camp Croatia

Welcome to the wilderness! Are you eager to learn skills alongside a group of other nature enthusiasts that will make life easier in the wild (and occasionally in civilization's everyday life)? Then the survival camp is the perfect place for you. Individually planned courses for closed groups are possible. The courses last 3 - 5 days and can be booked upon request for groups of 5 or more people.

Aluminé - River Adventure Patagonia

Navigate the Rio Aluminé through the picturesque desert landscape of Patagonia. From wild to tame, this river offers it all. For me, it's the most beautiful river in Argentina!