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  • Away from intensive tourism areas.
  • No stress! I just guide one group in a day, so we are not in a hurry.
  • Be part of the Adventure! Learn how to abseil or steer a boat by yourself.
  • Nobody else can join your group without your ok!

Get ready to explore beautiful canyons, raft wild rivers in Europe and Southamerica and experience almost untouched nature! From half-day trips to multiple day River Expeditions, here you get what you want! I'll be happy to be your Guide for your next Adventure! You decide if you want to go easy or to your limits, we will find the perfect trip to make you enjoy your adventure to the maximum - choose your difficulty from easy up to difficult brave Tours! If you are not sure what you can do I'll be happy to give you advice, just write a message or phone me!

Ailinco is…

Ailinco means „Water that runs over rocks“ and is a word in the language of the mapuche, the natives of northern Patagonia. In this increadibly beuatiful region I have been rafting a lot of rivers, for me Patagonia is the most beautiful place on this planet I have seen so far and I want to give others the oportunity to get this indescribable feeling of rafting down these rivers in such an natural environment! Water is the central Element of Ailinco, from Mai to october I offer Canyoning and Rivertrips in the Alps in Europe and in autumn and winter I do river expeditions to southamerica.

Ailinco Values & Principles

  • No Stress — For me it is important that on all Ailinco Adventures there is no hurry and nobody feels overcharged or not challenged enough. In this way everybody can have a beautiful experience!
  • Imparting knowledge and skills — Everybody coming on an adventure with me will learn something new! By rappeling actively or steering the raft through whitewater you are an active part of the adventure and i will teach you the skills you need to enjoy this part! In case you don't feel safe enough i can do most of the things for you, but i made the experience that your adventure is more intensive if you are challenged a bit!
  • Experience yourself — Adventures in nature are a good possibility to get to know yourself a bit more and to push your limits a bit.
  • Conservation and protection of nature — We always try to leave places in nature as we found them or even better! Nature conservation and protection are core values to me and my company Ailinco!
  • Safety — Safety is my priority number one! I will always keep Ailinco Adventures as safe as possible! Safety and accident prevention was my job when I was still working as an safety engineer and it still is an very important element in my current job!