Hi! My name is Julian, I am the owner of Ailinco and I do all the tours on offer! You can find out more about me below!

Abstract of my life

I was born in 1989 into the Swabia region northeast of Stuttgart. Since I was young I have been enthusiastic about nature and adventure. My home region quickly became too quiet for me and I started to travel the big wide world. So my thirst for adventure led me first to the Alps and northern Europe, then to North America, Africa and South America. I almost describe the latter continent as my second home, whereby particulary the patagonian wilderness with its enchanting rivers fascinated me!

For a long time I was out and about privately on a mountain bike, raft, kayak or hanging on a rope in the canyons. After all, at some point I had to think about working seriously. So I started my studies as a security engineer with the goal of working in disaster prevention. During my studies, I started training as a canyoning guide at CIC and mountain rescuer in the Black Forest mountain rescue service to find a practical balance. This was followed by further training as a raft guide and field- / marineguide in South Africa. After just one and a half years of being an engineer, I decided that computers were not my best friends and started working full-time as a guide. After working for different companies, I decided to implement my own ideas and found Ailinco. And here we are!

That's important to me

  • The nature of this earth is a real miracle for me, there is a lot to discover. For me it is usually not enough to see nature, I want to experience and explore it! It is exactly this admiration for nature that I would like to arouse among my customers! On my tours we will try to leave places as we found them, or even better!
  • Sports is almost a drug for me! Another reason i love my job!
  • The people sourrounding me! I grew up with four siblings and certainly not a loner! It is therefore important for me to work with people.
  • Respect for other people and the environment in which we live.
  • Humor is an all-purpose weapon. Especially when you get into difficult situations a good sense of humor can keep you afloat. Of course we still wear life jackets as additional protection!
  • You are important to me and that you get a tour with me that you won't forget so quickly! The more fun the participants have on my tour, the more I enjoy it. Win win!
  • Since I am a believer I follow Christian values, this includes love for God's creation and all living things! For me there are no VIPs and no inferior people, everyone is welcome!

My certificates

  • CIC Canyoning Guide
  • IRF rafting guide
  • FGASA Field Guide
  • FGASA Marine Guide Level 1
  • Wilderness First Aid & Marine First Aid
  • Training as a mountain rescuer in the Black Forest mountain rescue service
  • Safety engineer (Bachelor)