South America

Experience remote, natural landscapes, lonely beaches, wild rapids and paddle on crystal-clear water through Patagonia's deserts, jungles and mountain valleys. In the south of South America I discovered what I had been looking for for a long time, wild and pure natural landscapes in which you can move for several days without encountering the hurdles of civilization - no dams, no cities, no rubbish! In the past 6 years I have run some rivers there, some flowing calmly through the wilderness and others full of difficult rapids and big challenges. Here I will offer the most beautiful of these tours over time. There will be easier tours and more difficult ones where previous knowledge is required.

November 2020 Aluminé

On the Rio Aluminé through the amazing desert landscape of Argentina. From wild to tame, this river has it all. For me the most beautiful river in Argentina!


Europe also offers beautiful river landscapes, in Central Europe you will not get far from civilization, but in the east we will find some treasures. Tours to Macedonia and Albania are planned for 2021!